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Employee Benefits Reinvented

As an employer you know that the cost of providing group health insurance for your employees is not likely to ease in the near term. In fact, a recent survey by the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers found that 86% of respondents, with 50 or fewer employees, received renewal increases in the range of 11%-20%. This continues a 10-year pattern of double digit rate increases for small businesses.  Unfortunately, these increases happen even when you have low claims.

Recent health care reform encourages choice. Opportunities exist in every major change scenario, which is why Urgent Care Assurance Company (UCAC), the company exclusively servicing our industry's Medical Malpractice needs, is seizing the opportunity to develop a unique benefits program for your employees.  Rather than wait to see what happens under the Health Care Reform Act, UCAC can lead and shape change within our industry.


UCAC Employee Benefits+

A new employee benefits product for Urgent Care industry businesses, UCAC Employee Benefits+ has some groundbreaking features:

  • Opportunity to implement wellness programs and health screenings and perform them in house where feasible
  • Variety of benefit plans tailored to employee classifications
  • Lower than market rates and the opportunity to build a loss fund retaining premiums from low loss years
  • Limited and capped risk, lower than historic rate increases
  • Ownership shares in your insurance company

UCAC Employee Benefits+ Learn more about UCAC Employee Benefits+


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Mike Sopchyk


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